Beachcombers2The Beachcombers is the longest-running dramatic series ever made for English-language Canadian television, running from October 1972 to December 1990, or 387 episodes. It was syndicated and shown around the world.

The series was filmed on location at Gibsons and in the surrounding area. Unusually for network television (especially at the time) the series used the town’s real identity, instead of creating a fictional place name. Local extras and actual events, such as Gibsons’ annual Sea Cavalcade parade, often formed the backdrop of episodes.

Molly’s Reach, the café featured in the show, was an old hardware store that was rented as a film set, but after the series ended it was bought and converted into a restaurant.

Persephone, one of the main boats used during filming, was was donated to the town of Gibsons in 1991. Volunteers from the Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives restored the boat and it was installed in a small park next to Molly’s Reach in 2007. The Museum also has a Beachcombers display.

Cast member Jackson Davies (Constable John) co-wrote a book about the making of the series with creator Mark Strange. Bruno and the Beach was published in 2013 by Harbour Press.