Crabs-DMWhen people come to visit the Sunshine Coast they are often looking for places where they can go to enjoy the sun and the surf. The coastline around Gibsons has many beautiful beaches that are popular with both locals and visitors. These beaches range from sandy to rocky and all provide unique environments to experience and explore. A walk along any shore can provide a beachcomber with bits of shell or driftwood to take home as a souvenir.

Parking is very limited in almost all of these locations, and many local roads are narrow. If you are car free, this is no problem. If you bring a car, be prepared to park a little distance away and walk.

Please be aware that some of the beaches shown here are not public parks; they are beach access points. These beaches are not maintained, have no services, and are sometimes located adjacent to private properties. Visitors are asked to respect local property owners and leave nothing but your footprints behind.